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The Trouble with Being Creatively Consistent

Consistency and ADHD aren’t natural bedfellows. It’s the main reason I’ve taken so long to come up with another blog post. It’s common among lateral thinkers to express their creativity as and when ideas emerge in the moment. For many, creativity doesn’t hone itself when forced. You need to be out and about, listening to music for thoughts to construct themselves in your head. Well that’s the case with me anyway. As much as I sit here and try to type, the words and insights simply won't form themselves in my head. I keep getting distracted by different themes. Now I want to write a separate blog post on screentime, which is an entire subject in and of itself. Goodness, I've gone way off track today! My sincerest apologies to those of you who are frustrated by the infrequent nature of these blog posts. Until next time…


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