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A Sweet Birthday

Thoughtful and tailored feedback from Ben. He actively listened and looked for practical and concrete ways to help me move forward. He was responsive, thorough and generous with his ideas and suggestions. I am self-employed and my work has pretty much disappeared with Covid-19 but Ben looked to the positives and the skills I have and enabled me to look at those skills afresh and make some clear and exciting determinations. Thanks and appreciation to him.

Caroline Mitchell

Box Composition

Ben is an incredible coach. I was feeling discouraged and lacking confidence, since I've been out of work since Feb, but that was quickly shifted by Ben's warmth and encouragement. I learned of some new places to apply for jobs which was really useful. We also discussed long term goals which is something I hadn't put much thought into recently but found really encouraging. It made me feel more hopeful about the future to think of long term prospects and goals and to touch on existing skills I have and how I can use them. Overall a really helpful and informative session.

Jessica English

Abstract Painting

"Ben was calm, understanding and made me feel at ease from the start. He pointed out how I can use my past skills to my advantage and how to apply them to new job searches, not just limited to what I had been looking for previously. We spoke about my past education which I felt had stopped me for so many years now getting a permanent role or even retraining for new roles. I will now take advantage of the courses and links that Ben gave me. He applied himself in a very professional manner and gave me the confidence to move forward."

Daniel McCann

Spa Stones

 “Ben helped me evaluate, and realistically look at where I want to be in the long term and how I can achieve this. He put forward some interesting results that I previously hadn't considered based on his overview of my skills, characteristics and personal goals, this can only be achieved with experience and brilliant interpersonal skills. A clear work plan was emailed to me after the session with useful links to help develop my professional profile and search for the best jobs. Highly recommended for an excellent, honest and achievable career plan.

George Footman

Papers Creative Agency

Ben was really fast in giving a tremendous amount of advice in one hour and was flexible in accommodating me and giving advice for my interviews. I had two interviews that day and I got a third round of interviews for both and scured an offer for both as well as a contract PAYE with the London Met Police. Ben was really great...

Sarah Khan

Strips Security

“It was a great and valuable consultation - Ben is a wonderful listener and provided some great advice in walking me through a 12-week plan of action in order to help me with my marketability and productivity. I now have 4 (realistic) SMART goals to work with heading into the New Year and it's given me some confidence in my freelance work/job hunt. Thank you!”

Elizabeth Hew

Red Paper

I was amazed, I don't know how you did this having never met me before, but somehow you worked out what makes me tick better than I knew myself. You have opened my eyes to possibilities I hadn't heard of before, let alone considered. I'm excited about the future.

Clare Jones

Abstract Paint

“My session today with Ben was informative and helpful. He went through all my questions and when we were done I was delighted with all we had achieved. I’m extremely satisfied with my career action plan. Ben is a brilliant ADHD coach and I wish to commend his high level of service.”

Jonathan Ferguson

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