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ADHD Children's Coach

My name's Ben Isaacson and welcome to ADHD Confident! I’m an ICF certified ADHD Coach with training from ADD Coach Academy; one of only two ‘ADHD Coach’ training providers to be fully accredited by the International Coaching Federation. I'm also an experienced Career Consultant with a specialist focus on ADHD career pathways.

Before coaching, I worked as a mainstream school teacher having graduated from the UCL Institute of EducationGiven my own ADHD, I know how to engage other ADHDers, which is why I love working with young people. I’ve tailored my coaching practice specifically with this in mind.

As someone with ADHD, I realised that so many young ADHDers simply don’t get the individual support they need to meet their academic potential. Having a TA in the classroom simply isn’t enough, as the challenges of ADHD go far deeper than just the classroom. ADHD affects all aspects of a child’s life; so in order to have a real impact on children’s lives, I decided to leave the classroom and focus on improving the lives of young people with ADHD.

My own experience as a child with ADHD caused me setbacks in my confidence, friendships, at school and with my family. This was made much worse as my behaviour was wholly misunderstood. I understand how ADHD works and the harmful cycle of negativity it can cause from a young age.


My coaching philosophy focusses on developing a relationship  that helps your child get clearer about their ADHD, what’s holding them back in life and the changes needed to help them get to where they want to be. I empower children with the confidence for everyday situations, be it at school, at home or among their friends. Most importantly, I will be your child’s very own personal cheerleader, celebrating their wins week in week out!

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My practice is based in North West London, where I see clients face to face or by video call.

When I’m not coaching, I love to spend time in nature and the outdoors. I get energised by cooking, travelling, wildlife and my two mischievous cats! 

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