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Can you answer 'yes' to the following questions?

  • Has your child been diagnosed with ADHD?

  • Does your child lack confidence and self-esteem?

  • Does your child experience periods of self-doubt and negativity?​

  • Is your child from a high achieving family?

  • Are you worried about your child's future career prospects?

  • Do you need someone who can connect with your child on their level?

  • Would your child benefit from their own personal cheerleader?!

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Ben Isaacson 



People with ADHD are complex. Your child isn’t lazy! They just need someone who understands their challenges, then everything will start to make sense.

The boredom, the loneliness, the mood swings, the forgetfulness, the self-doubt, the negativity…

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S. Fremont-Smith

Ben has been working with my son for a few months now. They meet at 6pm EST for a half hour weekly. My son finishes the Zoom call bright eyed and optimistic. Ben "gets" him. He makes my son feel as though he is not alone with his ADHD. Ben also provides strategies to get my son through the day. I highly recommend Ben to be your child's confidante and mentor.

Distance Learning

H. Paluch

My 8 year old son was finding it difficult to manage his emotions at school and his angry outbursts were getting him into trouble. I spotted an advert for Ben and I’m so glad I did. In just a few weeks my son has become a lot less reactive, more settled and happier at school. Ben is very calm and an excellent active listener. Highly recommend using his services.

Parents and Child

A. Moore

Ben coaches my 14 year old ADHD, ASD son and is working miracles. In just a few weeks he got us over big practical issues in day to day family life. Ben has quickly created a connection with him and has been very flexible in his approach.  I highly recommend Ben to other parents, especially of boys as I think a male role model really helps my son.

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