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Don’t play down your strengths!

It really is astonishing how many of our strengths go unnoticed every single day. For many people, especially those with ADHD, it can be difficult to take a step back from the restless commotion of our lives to be mindful of what we are actually doing. We are so enmeshed in our busy lives, that we rarely stop to notice the extent to which we are using every single one of our strengths. Even as I write, I’m too busy thinking up the next word, instead of fully appreciating my ability to string this sentence together. I’m not thinking about my honesty. Nor am I thinking about my attention to detail (well I am now… but I wasn’t until I stopped to think about it).

But even without our hectic lifestyles. Even if we could pause for a few moments each day to record the multiple ways in which our strengths are being applied to the world, it would still be difficult to fully internalise this.

This is because we often overlook the things we are good at. When we’re naturally gifted at something, we don’t always see it as a gift, as we’re too busy focussing on the things we don’t have. Either that, or the gift hasn’t been brought to our attention yet.

What doesn’t help, is our tendency to talk down our strengths. Whether it’s down to humility or low self-esteem, it’s a really dangerous trap to fall into, because after a while you may start to deny you have any strengths at all. Unfortunately, for those with ADHD, this can lead to a real waste of talent. Especially if one goes their entire life without recognising its existence.

Which is why it’s so important to appreciate your strengths every single day. And don’t just underplay it. Next time someone compliments you for something, instead of discrediting yourself, respond by saying ‘thank you’ and take a moment to fully appreciate the compliment. This is by no means easy, especially if you’re not used to it, but it’s a great way to start appreciating what is good about you and what you bring to the world.

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