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My top childhood TV shows

Growing up as a child, it was essential to have a variety of TV shows to satisfy my thirst for entertainment. Every Sunday morning I’d head towards the couch in the sitting room and manoeuvre it so that it was positioned right in front of the telly. My parents didn't let me sit so close to the TV, but I'd do it anyway. Yes, some would say it was bad for my eyes, but hell it was worth it! Watching TV was one of those things that made life worth living. The sensation of relaxing and having fun at the same time.

In those days when there was no Netflix, it meant that being on time was essential. You couldn’t just binge watch your favourite TV shows at your leisure. Timekeeping was so much easier when it came to watching TV, because it stimulated my interest based-nervous system. Living with the weekly anticipation is what made watching TV so exciting!

Thinking back to the nineties, I recall some of my favourite TV shows that made those childhood years so special. My inner child still misses these programmes, so I thought I’d share them with you. See below in no particular order…

Rosie and Jim


Art Attack

Wacky Races

Button Moon


Feel free to post some of your own favourites in the comments below


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