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Top Ten Jobs for People with ADHD

If you’re reading this, you’re probably looking for a quick fix to set you on your life path. You may have changed jobs so many times that you don't think the right job exists. It's so common for people with ADHD to continuously ruminate about their future and the options available to them.

From my experience as an ADHD Career Coach, I know how hard it is to confine the ADHD personality to a defined job role or career path. There are so many different variables to consider before even thinking about ADHD. What is certain though, is the immense value people with ADHD have at their dispense.

How do you choose a job to fit your ADHD?

The number one rule when choosing a job or a career, is to find something that is aligned with your interests. In other words, if you have ADHD, it’s difficult to commit to something unless it’s 100% guaranteed to get you out of bed in the morning. This may sound fanciful, but many of us don’t have a choice in the matter. It’s just how we are! As a result, most of my ADHD clients end up building a job around their interests. This is why the best job for you will vary depending on what inspires you. You will need a job that brings your ADHD to the fore. Only then will you be able to thrive. It may well require some deep introspection, or further support from a career professional.

So what are the best jobs for people with ADHD?

Although each person expresses their ADHD differently, the combability of each job will vary.

However, the following job roles listed below, are ones which from my experience, align with several typical ADHD traits. These include: love of nature, novelty, creativity, flexibility, enterprise, spontaneity and living in the moment. Below is a list of the top ten jobs for people with ADHD.

1. Professional Blogger

Top of the list of jobs for the ADHD personality is a blogger. Whether a travel critic or a nature lover, blogging is an ideal choice simply for the everyday novelty which comes with the job. If you have ADHD, blogging (or vlogging) allows you to tailor your creativity around your favourite subjects. Those passionate stories you’ve always wanted to write about are a sure way to get you out of bed. If you’re new to blogging you can start off as a hobby and slowly build up a following. It’s a cheap way to start your own business and provides the flexibility for your ADHD to thrive. In the digital age, with the advancements in social media, there’s never been a better time to share your content with the wider world.

2. Dogwalker

If you love animals then dog walking speaks for itself. The unconditional love of dogs is a truly therapeutic experience. It’s just one of those jobs that tick so many of the ADHD boxes. So many people with ADHD find it difficult to get paid for doing something they love. This is one of those rare jobs that pays people for enjoying themselves. It’s also ideal for ADHDers who thrive off the stimulation of the outdoors! You can plug your music in and do what you love for hours! There are no qualifications, though you will need to build up some experience to gain people’s trust. An added advantage is that you can build a business around it to suit your lifestyle.

3. Video Editor

A creative media based job that belongs comfortably in the top ten of the ADHD family. It’s great for those ADHDers who are also visual processors. Many ADHDers have an effortless appreciation of beauty that translates into the most stunning works of art. The artistic nature of the job allows you to incorporate music into your work too! There is also the novelty of taking on a range of projects to keep you engaged. The classic ADHDer is a perfectionist who won’t stop until everything is 100% as intended. Some of my ADHD clients are able to hyperfocus on projects for hours at a time without getting distracted. This is a hugely engaging job with bundles of creativity. You can set up as a freelancer and work from the comfort of your own home.

4. Informal Educator

This is a great job if you get your energy from interacting with people around you. If you’re a natural communicator, then this job will give you the freedom to unleash your interpersonal skills. The option of working with young people allows ADHDers to reveal their inner child.

As natural people pleasers, many ADHDers prefer a more relaxed informal style of teaching which allow relationships to flourish. There’s the added bonus of not spending hours of time marking homework. You won’t be tied to a rigid curriculum either. The role will likely be packed with novelty and school outings as it usually involves working across multiple departments. There are also no strict teacher training requirements.

Alternatively, if you prefer a taste for the outdoors, you can work at an adventure centre or a conservation charity. This is a full-on and thoroughly rewarding job for an ADHDer to thrive!

5. Veterinarian

Another one for animal lovers with ADHD. A thoroughly rewarding career for natural givers, with a desire to help those who can’t help themselves. The role requires a balance of acute diagnostic skills and emotional regulation for stressful situations. It may also suite those ADHDers who feel confident working with their hands. You will need to perform delicate operations with immense attention to detail. You’ll have a great advantage if your ADHD serves you well under pressure. The urgency of the role will be more than enough to get you out of bed in the morning. Furthermore, with a diverse caseload, there’ll be enough novelty to keep you engaged and focussed in the long run.

With enough experience, you can set up your own private practice that meets your flexible work preferences. Alternatively, if you prefer a feel for the outdoors, you may consider working at an animal farm or a conservation centre. This is a perfect career choice for anyone with a natural concern for the wellbeing and conservation of animals.

6. Personal Trainer

A great career choice for those ADHDers with bundles of energy. You have the option of working for a gym or finding your own clients as a freelancer. This is ideal if you’re someone who prefers to work their own hours. A key part of being a trainer is having good

people skills. You may also be required to motivate clients when they’re feeling the strain. Many personal trainers now offer services online as an alternative to visiting a gym. There is plenty of research on the positive effects which exercise has on improving ADHD symptoms. If you’re naturally active and have a passion for health and fitness, then this will likely be a meaningful career path for you.

7. Landscape Designer

If you have ADHD, then you almost definitely love the outdoors!

A key strength is appreciation of beauty and aesthetics. This coupled with ADHD creativity is a perfect match which can work wonders for the artistic ingenuity required for modelling landscapes. This job allows the ADHDer to embrace their divergent thinking and sample unconventional ideas that others may be too scared to try out.

Another requirement is spatial awareness, coupled with the ability to envision a finished product in your head and turn it into something tangible. This is a unique type of intelligence which comes naturally to many ADHDers. You’ll also have the chance to get out and about so you won’t spend your whole day trapped in the confines of an office. An added advantage is that each landscape will be an entirely new project. So this is definitely a career that ticks the ‘novelty’ box. This is such a great career choice because it blends so many different aptitudes together, which is a common difficulty experienced by many ADHDers looking for that ideal career path.

8. Coach/Mentor

The beautiful thing about this job is that you can coach someone in anything! One of the biggest problems faced by ADHDers is the issue of not knowing how to combine their life passion with a job that pays. If you have a skill that you want to share with the world, then specialising as a coach is a great way to do this. If you have ADHD, then it’s likely you experience a burst of natural energy when you’re helping others in an area you love. If you get your energy from helping lots of people at the same time, then you might consider ‘group coaching’ as an option.

Listening is an essential function of this role as well as believing in your client’s potential to succeed. You can specialise in anything you want, whether it’s: public speaking, relationships, business, sports, music, or education. You don’t even need a degree. It provides an opportunity to spend time helping people who share similar interests and values. Many coaches enjoy running their own business. You can work in a way which allows you to manage your ADHD symptoms. If you want a rewarding career path which has the potential to change people’s lives, then this may be the career for you.

9. Property Developer

If you’re one of those practical ADHDers that learn by ‘doing’, then this might be a job to consider. Many school leavers go straight into property development because they already have many of the raw skills needed to grow into the role. It can be a highly enterprising role too, which is perfect for creative ADHDers.

If you love the hustle and bustle of daily life, then this will definitely get you out of the office.

If you work for yourself, then you can make your own decisions and develop your own portfolio. The diversity of projects will determine how much novelty there is to keep you engaged.

Many traders and surveyors tend to go into property development later in life, because they already have many of the skills required for the role. It can be a hobby as well. Lots of people enjoy finding creative ways to add value to a property If this is something you find appealing then it might just be the career for you.

10. Private Chef

My final pick of the top ten jobs for ADHDers is a chef. This is a high energy job which is great for anyone passionate about food. The reason for specifying the role of ‘Private Chef’ is that some ADHD ‘people pleasers’ may struggle with the demanding personalities of a restaurant or hotel kitchen environment. This provides for the flexibility the ADHDer requires to be their best selves.

Working as a chef is a very artistic job. It’s a great way for ADHDers to express their natural creativity. People with ADHD are highly sensual, which makes this an ideal role for those who are highly attuned to their senses. A unique feature of this role is that it engages all of the five senses. The intensity of our ADHD sensitivities can inspire us to produce original dishes with remarkable precision. In addition to this, it’s a job which is packed with novelty. If you’re a private chef, then it’s likely you’ll be required to prepare a range of cuisines for numerous occasions. If you’re finely attuned to your senses then this is an enriching career that will make your ADHD thrive!

Whatever your career path, your unique profile has the potential to contribute so much to the wider world. You want to make sure that you channel your authentic self accordingly to enjoy the most fulfilling life that is waiting for you.


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